GSA Federal Acquisition Service
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FAS National Customer Service Ctr
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MAS Multiple Award Schedule - Available offerings include commercial goods and services organized by 12 Large Categories, corresponding Subcategories, and SINs.

MAS Category list:

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Facilities - Facilities Solutions
Category Description
811310MR Machine and Equipment Maintenance Repair - Includes maintenance and repair for commercial/industrial machinery and equipment, such as food machinery, cleaning equipment, and containers.
Facilities - Facilities Supplies
Category Description
326199 Waste and Recycling Containers and Receptacles - Outdoor and Indoor Use - Includes waste and recycling containers/receptacles for indoor and outdoor use.
333318F Floor Care Cleaning and Equipment - Includes cleaning equipment designed for commercial, industrial, household, and/or special use environments floor care. Includes vacuums, carpet cleaners like shampoos and extractors, floor machines, strippers, replacement parts for floor care equipment, etc.
339113G Gloves - Includes gloves used for cleaning.
339994 Hand Floor Cleaning Equipment - Includes equipment for cleaning the floor by hand, such as mops, buckets, wringers, squeegees, cleaning products, and related items.
Facilities - Food Service Equipment
Category Description
311423 Non Perishable foods - Includes non-perishable provisions and food service support, such as water filtration units, portable water, non-perishable subsistence meals, beverages, portable kitchen units, etc.
332215T Cooking Utensils - Includes tableware, such as flatware (stainless, silver, and silver-plated), glassware, and disposable tableware.
333241 Food Preparation Equipment - Includes food preparation equipment related to cooking, beverage serving, and/or concessions.
335220 Sanitation and Warewashing Equipment - Includes sanitation and warewashing equipment, such as dishwashers, warewashing and warewashing racks, food waste disposers, etc.
336999 Food Center Concepts - Includes products related to food service and holding carts, food transport equipment, and food kiosks.
Industrial Products and Services - Cleaning Supplies
Category Description
325611 Cleaning Products - Includes cleaning products such as laundry cleaner, floor/carpet cleaners, sorbents, biodegradable cleanser/degreasers, and other related cleaning chemicals, dispensing equipment and systems.
325612 Disinfectants, Sterilants and Deodorizers - Includes disinfectants, sterilants, and deodorizers.
Industrial Products and Services - Industrial Products
Category Description
314120 Lodging and Hospitality Supplies and Services - Includes lodging and hospitality supplies and services, such as air cleaners and purifiers, houseware items for furnishing guest rooms or living quarters, mattresses, safety and security components, amenities, outdoor furniture and equipment, etc.
324110 Propane - Includes propane products, service and repair, and rental demurrage related to propane.
325320 Pest and Animal Control Products & Services - Includes pest and animal control products, such as mosquito deterrent, cattle guards, salts, sprays, etc. Services include but are not limited to the planning; development; management; operations; and maintenance for pest control and removal (includes insect and weed control) at or on Federal facilities and/or properties (to include shrubs and trees). These services involve applications of pesticides (including organic, natural pesticides and other environmentally
sustainable methods), trapping and/or removal of pests.
325998 Chemical Additives - Includes chemical additives such as fuel oil additive, fuel engine primer, antifreeze, and road stabilization/ice melting chemicals.
325998W Water Treatment Products and Systems - Includes water treatment products and systems that filter out harmful substances, such as treated/potable water storage, septic treatment systems, etc.
Miscellaneous - Apparel
Category Description
315210 Uniforms - Includes uniforms and work wear for food service, housekeeping, laundry, facilities, maintenance, guest services, and other hospitality personnel.
Miscellaneous - Personal Hair Care Items
Category Description
335210 Personal Care Items - Includes personal care items, such as barber supplies, shoe polish, saddle soap, combs, brushes, salon supplies, etc.