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66 SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES - Test and Measurement Equipment, Unmanned Scientific Vehicles; Laboratory Instruments, Furnishings and LIMS; Geophysical and Environmental Analysis Equipment; and Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Geophysical Testing Services

66 Category list:

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Category Description
66 1000 Professional Scientific Services - Related to scientific and academic research and development in physical, biological, veterinary, natural, and life sciences; testing services and laboratories; other professional, scientific, and technical consulting services (excluding Professional Engineering management services (Schedule 871), and Environmental services (Schedule 899)); characterized as relying upon experimental, empirical, quantifiable data, relying on the scientific method, and focusing on accuracy and objectivity. Includes, but not limited to, professional services, tasks, and labor categories in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, atmospheric science, oceanography, materials sciences, mathematics, geology, astronomy, veterinary medicine, statistics, systems science, etc., (excludes social and behavioral sciences). Examples of labor categories includes, but are not limited to, Scientific Researchers, Biologists, Physicists, Mathematicians, Statisticians, Research Engineers, Meteorologists, Lab Technicians, Veterinarians and Veterinary Services, Chemists, Biochemical Engineers, Research Nurses, etc.
Geophysical and Environmental Analysis Equipment
Category Description
66 607 Air Temperature Measuring Instruments, Solar Radiation Measuring Instruments, Barometric Pressure Measuring Instruments - Air temperature measurement instruments measure ambient air temperature. Solar radiation measuring instruments measure the amount of incident solar radiation. Barometric pressure measurement instruments measure atmospheric pressure. All of these instruments are used to measure weather-related phenomena. Includes directly related options and accessories. Examples include Air temperature measuring and recording instruments, Solar radiation measuring and recording instruments, Barometric pressure measuring and recording instruments.
66 613 Electronic Distance Measuring Equipment, Theodolites, Engineering and Surveying Level Instruments, Planimeters - Surveying equipment is used to accurately measure and record relative altitudes, angles and distances of points on, above or below land surfaces. The data obtained from this equipment can then be used to create maps or plots of a surface. Examples of such equipment are: Electronic distance measuring equipment, total stations, laser-leveling systems, theodolites and surveying levels. Includes directly related options and accessories. Examples include Electronic distance measuring instruments, Planimeters, Theodolites, Total stations (surveying), Engineering and surveying level instruments, and Surveying laser reference instruments.
66 615 Noise Analyzers - Noise analyzers detect and/or monitor noise sources in the workplace or laboratory. Examples of such instruments are sound level meters, noise dosimeters and audiometers. Includes directly related options and accessories.
66 616 Liquid/ Gas Flow Measuring Instruments, Liquid Level Measuring Instruments - Liquid/gas flow instruments measure the flow of liquids or gases in pipes, ducts, or tubes. Level instruments measure the fluid level within a containing vessel. Liquid/gas flow instruments are commonly used in applications such as laboratory research, ventilation airflow measurement, industrial fluid flow, and process flow. Level instruments are commonly used in applications such as laboratory research, process control, and industrial tank level monitoring. Includes directly related options and accessories.
66 619 Stack Emission Measuring Equipment, Gas Analyzers, Monitors, Particle Analyzers/Detectors - Gas analyzers measure or monitor parameters such as concentration or composition of gases. Particle analyzers detect and analyze airborne particulate matter. Examples of gas analyzers are electrochemical, catalytic, metal oxide semiconductor, non-dispersive infrared, and colorimetric analyzers. Examples of particle analyzers are gravimetric, chemical, electrostatic and optical particle analyzers. Includes directly related options and accessories. Examples include Stack emission measuring equipment, Gas analyzers, monitors, and Particle analyzers, detectors.
66 620 Air Sampling Equipment, Automatic Gas Alarms - Air sampling equipment is designed to sample air in enclosed spaces in order to determine if hazardous gases are present. Gas alarms are designed to detect and signal that a predetermined hazard level has been met or exceeded. Both types of equipment are typically used in building air monitoring and industrial hygiene applications. Includes directly related options and accessories.
66 621 Radioactivity Detectors - Radioactivity detectors detect, monitor and analyze radioactive sources of airborne radioactive particles. Examples of such instruments are survey meters, ionization chambers, neutron detectors, radon monitors, radiation dosimeters and alpha, beta and gamma detectors. These instruments are typically used for hazard detection in the field and laboratory, and in industrial hygiene applications. Includes directly related options and accessories.
Laboratory Instruments, Furnishings and LIMS
Category Description
540 11 Reusable Laboratory Plastic Ware - Laboratory ware includes general and special purpose graduated and non-graduated laboratory ware used to contain, measure and transfer laboratory samples and solutions. This category includes reusable laboratory plastic ware. Examples are flasks, beakers, funnels, pipettes, burettes, cylinders, bottles, dishes, slides, test tubes, trays, pestles and mortars. Includes chemical, heat and impact resistant high-density polypropeline, polycarbonate and polymethylpentene plasticware.
540 12 Disposable Laboratory Plastic Ware - Laboratory ware includes general and special purpose graduated and non-graduated laboratory ware used to contain, measure and transfer laboratory samples and solutions. This category includes disposable laboratory plastic ware commonly used to contain and process hazardous and contaminated samples such as bodily wastes, bacterial, viral and cell cultures. Examples are flasks, beakers, funnels, pipettes, burettes, cylinders, bottles, dishes, slides, test tubes, trays, pestles and mortars. Disposable plastic-ware is composed of polystyrene, polypropelene and polyethelene.
540 19 Laboratory Water Purification Devices, Systems - Laboratory water purification devices and systems remove organic and inorganic contaminants from limited quantities of laboratory waste water. Water is purified to NCCLS Type I, Type II and pyrogen (fever producing) standards. Systems combine technologies such as pretreatment activated charcoal cartridges to remove chlorine and dissolved organics, pretreatment filtration to remove suspended solids, pretreatment ion exchange to remove minerals and soften water, reverse osmosis to remove microorganisms, electrodeionization to remove dissolved inorganics and ultraviolet radiation to remove bacteria. Applications include provision of glassware rinse water, reagent grade water, chemical and cell culture media. Excludes all systems designed for the continuous production of potable water.
540 21 Filter Elements - Filter elements include all filter paper, polymer filter elements, filtering units, cartridges and disposable membranes, including those formerly on Federal Supply Schedule 66 II O, SIN 66-145. Includes ceramic filters, composite membranes, micro-filtration membranes, ultra-filtration equipment, gas separation, polycarbonate membranes, polyester membranes, reverse osmosis filters and nano-filtration filters. Applications are for pharmaceutical, bio-technical, wastewater, food and beverage chemical and industrial processes.
566 1 Modular Laboratory Furniture Systems - This SIN includes general- purpose laboratory furniture such as cabinets, tables, sinks and work surfaces. Modular furniture requires external support when installed. Includes cabinets, cases, lockers, chemically resistant work surfaces, tables, sinks and other laboratory furniture designed to be installed into group configurations where installation, removal and relocation is required without disturbing adjacent components. Wall mounted or free standing cores, rails and panels provide support structures for workstations where flexibility in the installation and arrangement is required.
566 2 Individual Non-Modular Laboratory Tables, Cabinets, Benches, Laboratory Carts - This SIN includes general-purpose free standing laboratory furniture such as cabinets, tables, sinks and desks. This SIN also includes portable workstations and carts for the transportation and storage of laboratory equipment.

The following types of non-modular laboratory furniture are included in this SIN:
free standing laboratory furniture, mobile ovens, cabinets, benches and instrument carts, with chemically resistant work surfaces.
Laboratory sinks, cup sinks and related plumbing fixtures.
Free standing laboratory base wood cabinets and base metal cabinets with drawers, hinged doors and adjustable shelves.
Mobile work benches, chemical workstations with pipeting drawers, storage and seating areas.
Mobile oven cabinet benches and cases.
Self contained casework and task workstations.
566 5 Workstation Design/Installation - This SIN includes services for the design layout and installation of furniture in laboratories. The SIN also includes furniture disassembly, reinstallation and workstation repair. Workstation Design/ Layout Option includes the design/ redesign of furniture installations to accommodate the implementation of agency programs. Professional designers develop furniture and equipment layouts, which meet the government's functional and special requirements. Services include the inspection of proposed laboratory spaces, observation and interview of personnel, development of a wire and utility management plan ( a set of drawings which identify all wiring and utility services associated with the laboratory furniture, equipment, fittings and fixtures); development, coordination and delivery of acceptable layouts, including floor plans and elevations based on the laboratory site conditions and the requirements of the using agency; development of parts/ inventory lists specified by manufacturers name and part number. Workstation furniture and equipment installation includes delivery coordination of furniture and related equipment, unpacking, inspection, inventory and assembly of furniture components into workstation configurations which meet agency requirements for form and function. Installation is in accordance with final design drawings and specifications. Workstation disassembly and reinstallation option includes the taking down of installed furniture and related hardware for the purpose of packing and moving or storage; inspection and inventory of existing furniture and related equipment; the re-assembly and installation of existing or new furniture components into the same or revised workstation configurations. Workstation repair option includes repair and/ or replacement of damaged furniture and related hardware. Replacement includes testing to assure conformance with the original design function.
603 1 Ph And Ion-Selective Meters - Ion-selective and pH meters are designed to determine the concentration of hydrogen ions (as pH) in a chemical solution. PH meters are used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of chemical solutions. Ion selective meters can detect the concentration of selected ions in water, food, electroplating and photographic solutions.
603 10 Microscopes: Metallographic, Multipurpose And Electron - Metallographic microscopes that use reflected illumination from the specimen surface to observe the chemical composition and crystalline structure of metals are included in this category. The category of multipurpose microscopes includes components and subassemblies that can be configured in modular formats into microscopes and microscope systems suitable for specific scientific and industrial applications. Components include video image equipment, photographic attachments, subassembly eyepieces, lens stages, arms, optical carriers/bases and nosepieces. Also available are application specific microscope based workstations and video systems. The component hardware assembles into or modifies conventional upright microscopes, inverted type microscopes and other microscope configurations such as laser scanning confocal microscopy systems not listed in other SINs. The industrial and scientific applications include routine tasks, research and advanced research. Configured and modified microscopes are suitable for tasks that include measurement, analysis, processing, observation, photography, video imaging recording, displaying and computer processing. Electron microscopes in this SIN category focus electron beams into specimens producing hyper magnified images on video screens. Includes both scanning and transmission types. Features include variable pressure specimen chambers to neutralize specimen charging, motorized specimen stages and optional large sample chambers. Environmental scanning electron microscopes are available for analysis of hydrated samples, biological cells, plants, non-conducting specimens and porous materials with little or no sample preparation.
603 13 Borescopes And Fiberscopes - Rigid borescopes and flexible fiberscopes for non-medical applications are included in this SIN.
Borescopes are rigid, direct view instruments that are inserted through holes for a straight line inspection of inaccessible internal areas without destroying the item under inspection. Fiberscopes are visual inspection instruments with flexible fiber optic bundles to maneuver around obstacles and sharp corners into inaccessible remote interior areas. The flexible light guide is articulated by a lever attached to the eye piece. The instruments in this SIN are for non-medical applications only.
603 5 Laboratory Shakers And Mixers, Accessories And Options - Laboratory Shakers and Mixers include rocker, unregulated, temperature regulated and environmental shaking devices; also included in this category are propeller, magnetic, and hot plate type mixers and stirrers. Shakers are used to homogenize and suspend separated substances from the surrounding material.
603 8 Microscopes, Conventional Upright Type - This SIN includes conventional upright type microscopes with the specimen platform and illumination located below the objective (image gathering) lens. Upright microscopes are used to observe transparent specimens.
603 9 Microscopes, Inverted Type - Inverted type microscopes with the illumination and specimen platform located above the objective (image gathering) lens are included in this SIN. Inverted microscopes are used to observe large opaque specimens.
615 1 Biomolecule Analyzers Synthesizers - The devices located in this category are intended to either analyze or synthesize biomolecules such as peptides or nucleic acid chains. Specifically excluded from this category are sequencing apparatus found under the Electrophoresis category.
615 4 Gas Chromatograph (GC) And Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) Systems And Related Chemistries, Supplies And Consumables - These are instruments and systems intended to be used in the performance of separations by gas liquid interface chromatography for research chemistry and biochemistry research applications, and in addition the identification of substances by mass spectrometry in the GC/MS systems. Further included in this category are the automatic samplers, detectors, columns, and miscellaneous accessories, options and integrators formerly identified by separate special item numbers. Includes, but not limited to, reagents, solutions and other directly related supplies.

Excluded from this category are gas analyzers tuned for the detection and identification of specific substances.
615 5000 Product Support Options to Include Equipment Maintenance; Repair and Service; Calibration and Calibration Traceability Certificate; Extended Warranties; Technical Training, Technical Support and Application Development Support; and Equipment Leasing - Service agreement options include hourly repair or annual service, required labor, parts and materials or fixed price per incident. Service covers purchased hardware and related software. Emergency service and engineering hardware and software modifications are offered. Prior to purchase, and if no other options are requested, the manufacturer’s standard calibration is provided with a certificate of calibration and a calibration sticker. Available options include post-purchase calibration, and calibration in accordance with military, customer or commercial standards and calibration with test data. Calibration can be upgraded to traceable National Reference Standards with certification. The Product Support Option of extended warranty offers customers an option to extend original equipment warranty for additional time periods. Examples include extending product repair support for additional years, and/or extending calibration support for additional years.
615 9 Liquid Chromatographer (LC) And Liquid Chromatographer/ Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS) Systems And Related Chemistries, Supplies And Consumables - These are instruments and systems intended to be used in the performance of chemical separations by liquid chromatography, supercritical fluid extraction (SFE), supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and ion chromatography, along with their mass spectrometry analogs intended for additional identification in research chemistry and biochemistry applications. Further included in this category are the automatic samplers, column monitors and detectors, columns and guard columns, specific LC and SFE/SFC pumps, miscellaneous accessories, options and integrators formerly identified by separate special item numbers. Includes, but not limited to, reagents, solutions and other directly related supplies.
632 10 Atomic Absorption, Atomic Emission, And Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometers, Including Inductively Coupled Plasma (IPC) And Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers (IPC/MS) Systems And Related Chemistries, Supplies And Consumables - These are research instruments, which either utilize systems by which ions produced by various methods are promoted to the atomic state and from which spectroscopic studies may be promulgated. Includes emission spectroscopy instruments based upon plasma, arc, and spark atomization. Also includes inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and inductively coupled plasma/mass spectrometer (ICP/MS) systems. Includes, but not limited to, reagents, solutions and other directly related supplies.
632 5 Infrared Spectrometers - These devices are research instruments which are designed for the Infrared (IR) and/or Raman spectroscopic analysis of substances utilizing the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Excluded are devices which use the infrared spectroscopic technology but are "tuned" to be receptive to and identify specific substances in limited environments, such as the gas analyzers.
632 6 Ultraviolet, Visible, Infrared, And Near Infrared Spectrophotometers - These devices are research instruments which are designed for Ultraviolet (UV), Visible (VIS), and Near Infrared (NEAR IR) spectroscopic analysis of substances utilizing one or a combination of regions from the electromagnetic spectrum, alone or in combination instruments. Excluded are devices that use the listed spectroscopic technologies but are "tuned" to be receptive to and identify specific substances in limited environments, such as the gas analyzers.
632 7 Fluorescence Spectrometers - The intent of this category is to include research grade, full spectrum instruments, and excludes instruments that are "tuned" to be receptive to and identify specific substances in limited environments, such as the gas analyzers.
632 9 X-Ray Spectrometers, Diffractometers, Emission Spectrometers, Including Flame, Spark, Arc And Laser Types, Mass Spectrometers - The devices identified as X-Ray Spectrometers and Diffractometers, Accessories and Options utilize the X-Ray portion of the electromagnetic spectrum for research chemical and surface analysis studies. The emission spectrometers, including flame, spark, arc and laser types, accessories and options are research instruments utilizing emission technology by energy input and the emission of discrete quanta. Excludes flame emission devices intended for the determination of Sodium, Potassium and/or Lithium ions in urine samples, which are considered "tuned" and are preferentially classified in SIN 66-102. Mass spectrometers, accessories and options are specialized mass spectrometers, such as time-of-flight (TOF) spectrometers, which would not normally be coupled with either gas chromatographs (GC/MS), Liquid chromatographs (LC/MS), or inductively couple plasma (ICP/MS) spectrometers.
66 102 Ancillary Supplies And/Or Services And Related Chemistries, Supplies And Consumables - These devices are specialized blood analyzers for the testing of specific parameters of blood or serum for therapeutic monitoring and routine screening. Includes, but not limited to, reagents, solutions and other directly related supplies.
66 107 Electrophoresis, Including Capillary Electrophoresis And Electrophoration Devices And Systems, Nucleic Acid And Amino Acid Sequencing Systems - These devices are intended for separations of biomolecules or molecular fragments through differentiation by electronegativity, responding to a strong electric field. Included in this category are capillary electrophoresis, electrophoresis power supplies, developing, viewing and reading apparatus, and the gel casting, drying and transfer apparatus.
66 117 Automated Pipetting And Dispensing Systems, And Laboratory Robotic Labware Handling Devices, Systems - These devices are intended the fully automated loading of such items as microplates, microtube strips, and other containers for long term, high throughput operations. Also includes diluting and dispensing devices and systems with accessories such as tips and filling wells.
66 118 Microplate Readers And Washers, And Cell Harvesting Apparatus - These items are used in biomedical research for the isolation and identification of cellular components or biochemical reactions including immunoassays. Includes multi-well microplates and other ancillary items.
66 137 Laboratory Refrigerators And Freezers - Laboratory refrigerators and freezers include reach-in and walk-in configurations suitable for blood banking, chromatography, mortuary and other special-use cooling or freezing requirements. Excludes all household, commercial or display case refrigerators and freezers classifiable in other Federal Supply Classes.
66 148 Laboratory Incubators - Laboratory incubators are designed to accurately maintain moderate temperatures for chemical reactions or the optimization of biological cell growth. Hybridization incubators in this category process nucleic acid and protein blots; DNA sequences are detected with labeled nucleic acid and probes. Hybridization incubators have microprocessor controls and forced air circulation. . Freezer/Incubators are available for research on poikilothermic (Body temperature regulated by surrounding atmosphere) organisms, drug stability tests , serum studies and enzyme assays; designs include over /under temperature safety limits , forced air circulation, automatic defrost cycles and compressor overload safety cut-offs. Anaerobic incubators provide oxygen free environments for tests on samples that are damaged or degraded by the presence of oxygen. Environmental incubators are available for BOD (biological oxygen demand) and COD (chemical oxygen demand) organic matter measurement tests.
66 200 Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) - These software packages and services allow customers to utilize computerized automation of laboratory sample processing. Packages include general LIMS for routine laboratory data management and specialized LIMS when customer requirements dictate customized software design. Sample tracking, sample analysis, test organization and test reports are generated using the laboratory's database on customer or supplier servers using operating systems such as Microsoft's Access, Oracle, Sybase, Informix or SQL Server. Basic system managed workflow functions include data capture, data entry, data organization, data analysis, report generation, workload assignment, quality analysis, audit trails and test archiving. The supplier analyzes the customer's needs regarding the laboratory operation, technology, personnel assignments, test and data management, LIMS installation, security and administration. Packages and services are then formulated, designed and fabricated to meet the customer's needs.
66 231 Laboratory Scales, Balances - Includes analytical balances with under hook options to determine density, specific gravity, weigh magnetic materials and large objects. Moisture balances with heating and automatic stop modes are available to determine moisture and residue content in foods and other materials; multiple functions and interfaces for computers, printers and remote displays which allows data storage, data processing and printing; balances can also internally store data, weigh in multiple modes and provide printouts; External and /or internal self calibration is available. Top loading precision balances are available for counting, inspection and checkweighing. Mechanical multiple beam balances are available for classroom instruction and laboratory work; portable mechanical balances with cases are available for field work.
66 320 Industrial Scales, Balances - Industrial scales and balances include general-purpose industrial counting scales, programmable production check weighers, crane scales, dial and digital hanging scales, postal scales, bench scales, mechanical beam and mechanical dial scales, floor, drum scales, balances and scales approved for use in explosive and hazardous environments.
Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Geophysical Testing Services
Category Description
873 1 Mechanical Testing And Analysis - Services for mechanical testing and analysis include, but are not limited to, material strength testing (compression, ductility, fracture, fatigue, shear, torsion, and metallography); calibration and testing of mechanical equipment; acoustic/vibration testing(noise, shock resistance); hydraulic/pneumatic testing; Metrology(time, length, mass, volume, pressure, etc.); non-destructive evaluation(x-ray, radiographic, ultrasonic, leak); environmental simulation/climatic testing; forensic, failure analysis, and expert testimony; building and welding inspection (site monitoring, field surveys, quality assurance, certification; and related training.
873 2 Chemical Testing And Analysis Services And Related Chemistries, Supplies And Consumables - Services for chemical testing and analysis include, but are not limited to, wet chemistry and associated physical tests; viscosity/density testing; electrochemistry testing; chromatography (GC, LC, SFC, SFE, HPLC, GS/MS, LC/MS, GPC, GFC, IC, column, thin layer, paper); spectroscopy (AA, FT-IR, UV/VIS, XRD, NMR, ICP, MS, fluorescence, Raman); thermal analysis (DSC, DTA, TGA, TMA); surface analysis/microscopy(SAM, SEM, TEM, SIMS, ion); Optic/photometry testing(appearance, color, reflectance, gloss, transmittance, luminance); occupational/drug testing (monitor or measure employees exposure to hazardous substance abuse screening); biological Testing (biochemical, toxicological, pharmacological, bacteriological); environmental and hazardous waste analysis (priority pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, metals, PCB's, petroleum); water analysis; food testing(taste, odor, texture); and related training. Includes, but not limited to, reagents, solutions and other directly related supplies.
873 3 Electric Testing And Analysis Services - Services for electrical testing and analysis include, but are not limited to, qualification, inspection, safety, performance, certification, and compliance testing of manufactured goods to nationally and internationally recognized reliability standards and regulatory requirements and directives (UL,CSA,FCC,ANSI,MIL-STD, etc.); marking services; circuit testing of semiconductors and microprocessors; EMI/EMC testing; dielectric strength and dielectric constant; dissipation factor; electrical insulating materials testing; electrostatic discharge testing; arc resistance testing; hi-pot testing, electrical power system components testing (transformers, dielectric oil, relays, circuit breakers, switchboards, power plants, substations, etc.) screening and destructive analysis of electronic components; and related training.
873 4 Geotechnical And Thermal/Fire Testing And Analysis - Services for geophysical and thermal/fire testing and analysis include, but are not limited to, construction material testing (concrete, roof, asphalt, etc.); geological material testing (soil, rock, etc.); geophysical testing; geosynthetic testing, seismographic testing, oceanographic testing; metrological testing; thermal/heat testing(temperature, fire, flammability, smoke/toxicity, conductivity); and related training.
Test and Measurement Equipment, Unmanned Scientific Vehicles
Category Description
602 1 Microwave/Millimeter Wave Antennas - MW and MMW antennas are used to radiate waves generated by a transmitter. Examples of such equipment include broadband antennas, feeds, and accessories including gain standards, parabolic reflectors and feeds, log periodic and dual polarized antennas; standard gain horn and dipole antennas; parabolic antenna reflectors; linear, log periodic, dual polarized, orthomode, and compact range feeds. Also include antenna pattern measurement systems used for determining radiation transmission patterns of antennas.
602 30 Vibration, Acoustic And Ultrasonic Testers and Analyzers - Includes non-destructive test and analysis instruments, which detect and analyze vibrations and shock in a specimen or machine element. Typically used in applications such as applied research, and the preventive maintenance of rotating machinery.
602 35 Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment (GPR), Electromagnetic Induction Equipment, And Other Conductive Material Locators - Equipment provides a non-destructive method of locating buried objects in a variety of media, including rock, soil, ice, fresh water, pavements and structures. Typical applications for the equipment include, but are not limited to, environmental assessments, bridge, road, and concrete inspections, forensics, geology and archaeology.
602 40 Avionics Test Equipment - This equipment is used to test the electronic circuitry of aircraft black boxes and navigational systems. Examples of such equipment include radar test sets, aircraft navigation signal analyzers. Includes avionics equipment such as flight data recorders, cockpit voice recorders, and videocassette tape recorders/producers used aboard the aircraft.
627 1007 Introduction To New Services / Products (INSP) - This SIN includes new or improved commercial services or products that perform new tasks or procedures not currently available under any GSA contract.
627 2000 Equipment Maintenance And Repair - This PSO offers customers the choice between hourly repair and annual service agreements. Examples of such PSO's include time and material service, fixed price per incident repair service.
602 14 Chart Recorders, Data Acquisition And Data Logging Systems - These systems are used to collect and record output data from a large number of transducers into electronic memory for automatic processing. Includes design-mated control, sampling, multiplexing, logging (recording), and signal conditioning modules. Includes integral analysis equipment and self-contained data loggers. Excludes general purpose equipment designed for magnetic tape recording, chart recording, communications, telemetry, data processing and environmental data specialized systems. Excludes generic signal sources/sensors. Excludes systems designed for data acquisition of specific sets of fixed parameters such as power monitoring systems, flood monitoring systems, medical patient monitors.
602 2 Microwave/Millimeter Wave Instrumentation Subcomponents - MW and MMW instrumentation subcomponents include waveguides and waveguide accessories such as adapters, directional couplers, isolators, mixers, attenuators, tuners, and terminators, and component amplifiers, filters and detectors. Includes MW and MMW signal sources and modulators. Includes filters, detectors, and component amplifiers.
602 21 Load Pressure And Vacuum Transducers - These transducer devices convert the applied mechanical quantity (force, torque, or pressure) to a deflection or strain. Deflection sensors or strain gages are then used to give an electrical signal proportional to the mechanical quantity. Examples of such devices include load cells, torque cells, compression and tension transducers, barometric/atmospheric sensors, submersible/level sensors, absolute and differential pressure, vacuum sensors, and pressure scanning arrays.
627 2001 Pre-Purchase Calibration Or Calibration Traceability Certificate - This PSO offers customers the option to upgrade standard calibration. Normally, all instruments are calibrated before shipment. Examples of such PSO's include calibration to a military standard with or without test data and calibration to a commercial standard with test data.
602 17 Laboratory Bench And Rack Power Supplies, Mount Type, Programmable - Laboratory power supplies used on lab benches and automated test systems as sources of precise and controlled power and for the measurement of voltage, current and power. Examples of such instruments include voltage sources, current sources, source swatters and components, power controllers, switching and high voltage power supplies. Excludes uninterruptible power supplies and supplies designed for line power conditioning and isolation. Excludes supplies designed for dedicated use with a specific type of laboratory instrument or designed for installation in an instrument or other apparatus.
627 2002 Post Purchase Calibration Or Calibration Traceability Certificate - This PSO offers customers the option of calibration services after purchasing and using the instrument. Examples of such PSO's include standard calibration to manufacturer's own specifications, calibration for compliance with certain military or commercial standards with before and after data.
627 2003 Extended Warranty - This PSO offers the customer an option to extend original equipment warranty for additional time periods. Examples of such PSO's include extending product repair support for additional years, and extending calibration support for additional years.
602 32 Temperature/Heat Imaging Instruments; Humidity Standards And Calibrators, Heat Energy Measuring Instruments And Temperature Controlling Instruments - The temperature/heat imaging instruments are used to measure and visually display the temperature gradients in a specimen. Areas of different temperature are displayed in differing colors on the display device (usually a CRT). Typically used in applications such as applied research, process control, preventive maintenance and security. The humidity standards and calibrator equipment is used to calibrate test and measurement for humidity. Examples of such equipment include chilled mirror dew/frost point hygrometers, humidity transfer standards, standard hygrometers, chilled mirror standards, humidity/relative humidity generator chamber standards. The heat energy-measuring instruments are used to measure the heat flux or heat content of a specimen.
627 2004 Service Agreement - This PSO offers the customer an option to receive services; all labor, parts and materials necessary to maintain the equipment in good operating condition will be provided. Examples of such PSO include emergency service, engineering hardware and software modifications, operator training, telephone service agreements, application assistance, software support, and instrument certification.
602 22 Acceleration Transducers (Accelerometers) - Accelerometers convert a kinematics quantity such as acceleration into an electrical signal proportional to acceleration through a sensing element. Examples of such accelerometers are amplified, piezoelectric, miniature, and submersible accelerometers.
627 2005 Technical Training And Support (TTS) - This PSO offers the customer an option to receive training in the use of the purchase equipment, and technical support to questions and problems. Examples of such PSO include on site or off site training, basic operator training, hardware and/or software training, installation training, and applications development training.
602 23 Vibration, Acoustic, And Ultrasonic Transducers - These transducers convert sound and frequency of mechanical vibrations into an electrical signal proportional to the mechanical vibrations. Examples of such transducers include ultrasonic detection systems/guns, and microphones. Excludes microphones designed for communication.
627 2006 Technical/Application Development Support (TADS) - This PSO offers the customer an option to receive technical support or application development support. Examples of such PSO may include but not limited to systems integration and application development.
602 9 Infrared Radiation And Temperature Standards And Calibration Instruments - Examples of such equipment include block calibrators, thermocouple calibrators, thermocouple simulators, temperature calibration baths, black body standards, temperature probe calibrators probe/sensor calibrators, precision temperature baths, temperature sources, radiant blackbody standards.
627 5001 Leasing Of Equipment - This solution offers customers an additional choice to purchasing. Examples of leasing programs available include, but not limited to: Lease to Ownership (Capital Lease); Lease with Option to Own (Operating Lease); Lease of Solution
602 3 Amplifiers And Filters - Self-contained and modular plug-in type electronic signal amplifiers, amplifier systems, DC instrumentation amplifiers and active filters for laboratory and testing applications. Electronic amplifiers and amplifier systems include audio, video, LF, HF, VHF, UHF, power, digital, pulse and operational amplifiers and conditioning components. DC amplifiers include signal, differential, transducer, wide-band and thermocouple conditioner amplifiers. Filters include Chepachet, Bessel, digital, liner, active, and pass filters.
602 5 Microwave/Millimeter Wave Amplifiers - Self-contained amplifiers designed to increase output power from microwave sources. Typically used for laboratory and testing applications. Includes high-power amplifier test systems.
602 6 Electrical/Electronic parameter, Standards And Calibration Instruments - This equipment is used to correct variation in accuracy between the instruments being compared. Examples of such instruments include precession voltage, current, and resistance sources and multifunction, vibration, and oscillator calibrators. Also includes resistance boxes, primary resistance ovens, resistance standards, decade transfer resistance standards, and precession amplifier accessories.
602 7 Time And Frequency Standards And Calibration Instruments - Includes receivers, signal generation and distribution components for time and frequency signals derived from oscillators, transponders and other sources of time and frequency generation and distribution. Includes time code generators and translators generating time codes and pulse rates.
602 8 Sound And Vibration Standards And Calibration Instruments - Includes sound and ultra-sound standards and calibration equipment such as microphone calibration equipment, (e.g., standard microphones, sound level and sound intensity calibrators, acoustic calibrators, and piston phone). Also, includes vibration transducer calibration equipment such as standard reference accelerometers.
627 1 Oscilloscopes And Video Signal Monitors And Analyzers - Instruments designed to measure voltage, frequency and other factors and display wave shapes of input signals on CRT or similar display devices including PC-based oscilloscopes, hand-held, and portable scope meters. Examples of such oscilloscopes include dual trace, dual time, digital real time, digital storage, and LCD digital oscilloscopes. Instruments designed to analyze video equipment. Examples of such equipment include VCR and computer monitor analyzers. Also, include instruments designed to determine waveform and characteristics of video signals. Examples of such equipment include NTSC/PAL.SECAM video signal analyzers/monitors, video vector scopes, and Veda level meters.
627 10 Component Analyzers And Testers - Component testers and analyzers used to test or to determine operating characteristics of primary electronic components as opposed to component assemblies/circuits. Examples of such testers and analyzers include transistor and vacuum tube checkers/testers, component test switchers, component curve tracers, and CRT analyzers. Includes Automated Test Equipment (ATE) for component testing, but excludes resistance, conductance, capacitance, and Inductance meters not having automated test features.
627 12 Telecommunication Line Testers And Analyzers - Equipment specialized for describing general line/network condition in terms of analog parameters (attenuation, distortion, etc.) and in terms of switching and digital modulation/demodulation parameters (jitters, delay, etc.). Examples of such equipment include microwave telephone system transmission test sets, telecommunication test equipment such as breakout boxes; modem and fax testers and digital circuit encoding/decoding test equipment, cable/line performance test equipment such as cable fault locators, time domain reflectometer TDR's, subscriber line analyzers, loop responders, and talk sets; trunk line performance test equipment such as trunk responders and line simulators/emulators, and transmission impairment measurement sets (TIMS), etc. Includes modulation/demodulation equipment.
627 13 Data Communication Equipment Testers And Analyzers - Equipment used to observe, analyze, and simulate the interactions between network devices and LANs and WANs. Examples of such equipment include LAN/WAN protocol analyzers, ISDN analyzers, and ISDN line/bus simulators/emulators, token ring analyzers, and Ethernet analyzers. Include bit error rate test (BERT) sets.
627 14 LightWave Test Instruments - Lightwave test instruments include lightwave signal sources and laser source accessories, lightwave analyzers, lightwave polarization analyzers, optical spectrum analyzers, optical power meters, optical time domain reflectometer OTDR's, fiber optic cable test sets/fault detectors, fiber optic talk test sets, fiber network analyzers, and laser source accessories.
627 15 Signal Generators - Signal generators used to produce sinusoidal waveforms and/or electronic signal patterns. Examples of such instruments include sine-wave oscillators, RF signal generators, function generators, frequency synthesizers, arbitrary waveform synthesizers, and sweep signal generators.
627 17 Audio And Video Signal Generators - These signal generators are specialized instruments designed to produce audio signals and video signal such as NTSC, PAL, and CCTV signals. Include test pattern generators.
627 18 Microwave Signal Generators - These signal generators are specialized instruments designed to produce microwave signals (1 GHz to 300 GHz) and millimeter waves (10 -2m to 10 -4m). An example of such instrument is microwave sweep frequency synthesizers. Also includes signal generator modulators designed to modulate signal generator signals.
627 2 Signal Analyzers - General-purpose instruments used to measure signal characteristics such as harmonics, phase noise, carrier level, amplitude, frequency, jitters, distortion, etc. Include general-purpose spectrum analyzers for RF through optical bands. Examples of signal analyzers include: frequency spectrum, Fourier, phase, real time, and signal distortion analyzers; RF signal surveillance analyzers and optical spectrum signal analyzers). Excludes oscilloscopes and specialized analyzers for audio, noise, video, radio transmission, and telecommunication signals.
627 22 Electronic Counters And Frequency Meters - These instruments used for measurement of frequency, time interval, and phase, event counting and other special parameters. Examples of such instruments include frequency meters, frequency and time interval analyzers, universal counters, microwave and pulsed microwave counters.
627 23 Voltmeters, Ammeters And Multi-Meters - Voltmeters measure voltage, ammeters measure current, and multimeters measure voltage, current and other electrical parameters such as resistance, frequency, etc. Examples of such instruments include digital multi-meters (DMM's), analog display meters, bar graph display meters, Kilovolt (kV) meters, volt detectors, and clamp-on meters.
627 25 Field Strength/Intensity Meters - Field strength and intensity meters and recorders used measure the level of magnetic field emitted from power lines, appliances and other equipment. Examples of such instruments include electromagnetic field strength meters, ELF/power frequency, EMF survey meters, magnetic field monitors, and Gauss/Tesla meters. Includes sub-infrared radiation hazard detection meters.
627 27 Line Power And Signal Power Meters And Line Power Consumption Meters - These meters are used to measure power of signal and power sources including RF and wideband power meters. Examples of such equipment include line power meters, watt meters, RF and wideband power meters. Excludes line power consumption meters, line power quality analyzers, and optical power meters. Meters and recorders specialized for measuring electrical energy consumption in such as kilowatt-hours or similar units. Examples of such meters include kilowatt-hour meters, watt-hour meters, and energy meters.
627 29 Resistance And/Or Conductivity Meters And Bridges - Self-contained portable and bench style meters and recorders specialized for measuring resistance and conductance of electrically conductive materials and devices including insulation and leakage testers. Examples of such meters include ohmmeters, conductivity meters, Mho meters, insulation testers, leakage testers, and resistance testers and bridges.
627 3 RF Communication Monitors, Testers And Analyzers And Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver Test Sets - Instruments designed to determine carrier and modulation parameters of radio, microwave and millimeter wave transmission signals in terms of waveform, power, amplitude, frequency, phase, noise, distortion, etc. Examples of such equipment include: AM, FM, PM, FSK, and ASK, monitors and modulation analyzers, microwave signal analyzers, vector signal analyzers, radio communication test sets, communication service monitors, and modulation meters. Excludes instruments specialized for analysis of television signals, telephone and data telecommunications line signals. Test sets designed to test GPS receivers. Examples of such test sets include GPS satellite simulators/satellite signal generators, and GPSTs.
627 30 Reactance And Impedance Meters And Bridges - Self-contained portable and bench style meters and bridges specialized for measuring reactance and/or impedance. Examples of such meters include impedance meters, inductance reactance meters, capacitance reactance meters, vector impedance meters, SWR bridges, and dielectric test sets.
627 31 Inductance And Capacitance Meters And Bridges - Self-contained portable and bench style meters specialized for measuring inductance and/or capacitance. Examples of such meters include capacitance meters, and inductance meters and bridges.
627 32 AC Wiring Analyzers - Self-contained portable instruments specialized for line power wiring analysis. Includes neutral and ground fault detectors and wiring safety analyzers, phase sequence indicators, and motor wiring sequence indicators. Other examples include AC power outlet testers, GFCI testers, continuity testers, and branch current analyzers. Excludes telephone line analyzers/tracers.
627 33 Modular Instruments, Mainframes - Instruments and systems, which utilize plug-in modules or cards in a mainframe to achieve a multiple instrument configuration, designed to measure/analyze general electronic signal and power parameters, and electronic devices. Examples of such instruments include VXI-based test systems, and modular measurement systems( MMSs).
627 35 Relay And Circuit Breaker Test Sets And Soldering, Desoldering, And Repair Equipment - These test sets are used to: (1) test motor over-load relays and molded-case circuit breakers, (2) calibrate, time and troubleshoot protective relays, (3) test electrical insulation. Examples of such test sets include overload test sets, protective relay test sets, and power factor test sets. The soldering, desoldering, and repair equipment is temperature and microprocessor controlled used to solder, desolder, and rework/repair of surface mount, thru-hole, ball grid array and other electronic components. Examples of such equipment include microprocessor-controlled soldering/desoldering systems, convective and conductive heat systems, fume extraction systems, and process monitors.
627 5 Audio/Distortion Signal Analyzers - Instruments specialized to determine waveform and characteristics of audio signals. Examples of such instruments include audio, audio distortion, acoustic, noise, sound, and stereo analyzers; wow, flutter and drift meters; audio frequency measuring amplifiers; and spectrum analyzers specialized for audio frequencies. Excludes modulation analyzers and vibration analyzers.
627 6 Electronic Noise Analyzers/Meters - These instruments are used to measure electronic noise of signals and devices. Examples of such instruments include signal to noise ratio S/N analyzers/meters and noise analyzers/meters.
627 7 Network Analyzers - Network analyzers are instruments and systems used to measure linear and nonlinear behavior of devices in terms of changes in amplitude, phase, frequency and noise, or to determine input/output conditions including impedance, S-parameters, transmission and reflection coefficients, and transfer functions. Examples of such equipment include vector and scalar network analyzers/ measurement systems, microwave test sets and measurement receivers , Z meters, and S-parameter measurement sets. Excludes logic analyzers, telecommunications lines/networks analyzers, fiber optics lines testers, and component curve tracers.
627 8 Voltage, Current And Line Power Recorders And Analyzers - These analyzers and recorders used to describe or determine the content of line power in terms of waveform, voltage, current, power, frequency, phase, noise, distortion, and other factors. Examples of such instruments include power monitors and analyzers, line voltage scanners and recorders, power quality analyzers, power harmonic analyzers, power line disturbance monitors/ analyzers.
627 9 Digital Logic Generators And Analyzers - Logic analyzers used to analyze the internal and input/output states and timing of digital logic circuitry of data processing equipment, PC boards and assemblies. Examples of such equipment include logic analyzers, emulators, bus exercisers and monitors. Also, includes general-purpose digital data pattern generators such as sequential and algorithmic pattern generators. Excludes instruments specialized for testing data communications equipment and instruments designed for IC and PC board quality acceptance testing.