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Facilities Services
MAS Multiple Award Schedule - Available offerings include commercial goods and services organized by 12 Large Categories, corresponding Subcategories, and SINs.

MAS Category list:

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Facilities - Facilities Services
Category Description
238320 Surface Preparation - Services related to the preparation for application of chemical compounds to Federal vehicles, machinery and other equipment and Support Training/Consultation Services as they pertain to preparation for and application of chemical compounds to Federal vehicles, machinery and other equipment. Does not cover passenger cards, trucks or buses. These services include surface preparation for painting and sealant application on ships, aircraft, vehicles and other equipment or machinery surface that requires application of chemical compound, such as paint, sealant, coatings, or adhesives.
541690E Energy Consulting Services - Contractors shall provide expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling on energy related projects or initiatives to assist agencies in adhering to energy legislation and policy such as EPACT 2005, Executive Orders 13423 and 13514.
Subgroups (Subgroups are provided for market research purposes only. Buyers should confirm specific contract offerings are available by verifying awarded products and services on the contractor's GSA pricelist.)
  Building Commissioning Services
  Energy Audits
  Energy Services Consulting
  Metering Services
  Renewable Energy
  Resource Efficiency Management (REM) Services
  Training on Energy Management
  Water Conservation
561210FS Facilities Support Services - Providing operating staff to perform a combination of support services within an agency's facilities that include planning, designing, managing, operating and maintaining reliable and efficient systems, equipment, facilities and logistics infrastructures to improve equipment and logistics performance, and reduce life cycle costs.

Examples include providing a combination of services, such as complete turnkey operations, maintenance and support services, Base facilities operation support services (excluding computer operations), depot maintenance, preventative maintenance planning, fleet/property management and maintenance, mobile utility support equipment operation, maintenance and repair, strategic account/project management, integrated facility management and operations management support., janitorial, maintenance, trash disposal, guard and security, mail routing, reception, laundry, and related services to support operations within facilities.
561730 Grounds Maintenance - Includes all services related to soil preparation, planting and cultivating grounds.