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Firefighting Vehicles
MAS Multiple Award Schedule - Available offerings include commercial goods and services organized by 12 Large Categories, corresponding Subcategories, and SINs.

MAS Category list:

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Industrial Products and Services - Machinery and Components
Category Description
333924 Utility Trucks and Tractors - Includes utility trucks and tractors, such as tow, cargo, baggage, and aircraft tug tractors; loaders; electric burden carriers, etc.
Transportation and Logistics Services - Motor Vehicles (non-Combat)
Category Description
3361 Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting Vehicles and Attachments - Includes fire fighting and law enforcement vehicles and their related attachments, such as mobile water supply attachments, fire fighting vehicle glider kits, SWAT vehicles, mobile crime scene vehicles, etc. NOTE: All vehicles must be certified as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and/or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliant, as applicable.
33611 Purchase or Lease of Gas or Electric Low Speed Vehicles - Purchase or lease street legal electric or gasoline powered low-speed vehicles. Vehicles configured to carry two, four, six or more passengers, or two passengers and a pickup bed or other utility box. Applications include: passenger transport, security patrol, maintenance, and delivery. Vehicles have basic safety equipment and comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number 500.
3361V Vocational Vehicles - Utility & Telecom Construction Equipment and Attachments: Includes but not limited to: Service and Line Body Trucks, Personnel Lifts, Digger Derricks, Cable Placers. Special Vocation Vehicles and Attachment: Vocations include but not limited to: Blood Donor, Dental, Laboratory, Medical, Clinical, Healthcare, Mobile Command, Concession, Sound Stage, Emergency Response, Communication, Broadcast, Electronic News Gathering, Training, Marketing, Troop Transport, Patient Evacuation, and related options and equipment. Platforms include but not limited to: Truck, Van, Semitrailer, Trailer, Bus, and Motorcoach. Aircraft Ground Support Vehicles and Equipment: Includes but not limited to: Catering Highlift Trucks, Cabin Service Highlift Trucks, Handicap Passenger Highlift Trucks, Stake Bed Highlift Trucks, Narrow Passenger Stairway Trucks, Wide Body Passenger Stairway Trucks, Lavatory Trucks, Washers and De-icer Maintenance Lifts, Potable Water Trucks, Lavatory Carts, Belt Loaders, and related accessories. Waste Disposal Vehicles and Attachments: including but not limited to: Refuse Vehicles and/or Trailers; Recycling Vehicles and/or Trailers; Hazardous Waste Disposal Vehicles and/or Trailers; and Liquid Waste Vehicles and/or Trailers, Roll-off, Hoist, and Hook Lift Trucks.
336211 Tank Trucks - NFPA 385 & 407 compliant Fuel and Petroleum tank trucks Including but not limited to Bulk Fuel Haulers, Ground Fuel Servicing Trucks (single and multiple product), Aircraft Refueling and De-fueling Tank Trucks. Potable and Non-potable Water Trucks, Street Flushers, Dust Control Spray Trucks, and Trailers. Related equipment and accessories and related equipment.
336212 Trailers and Attachments - Includes but not limited to: Closed Van Semitrailers, Refrigerated Semitrailers, Platform Semitrailers, Low-bed Semitrailers, Cargo Trailers, Utility Trailers
3363P Spare Components and Vehicle Accessories - Components and accessories for various vehicles such as sedans, buses, medium and heavy duty trucks